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Much like the dashboard on your car, Jobber's dashboard gives you an overview of everything going on under the hood.

The dashboard is the first page you see when you sign into Jobber. This is where you can see an overview of your Jobber account including recommended actions, assignments, as well as outstanding and upcoming actions. 


The dashboard is your home screen in Jobber, but if you navigate away, you can access the dashboard from the sidebar. 



Recommended Actions


Jobber will recommend actions to take based on items in your account. There are several variations of items you might see here. These recommended actions also take permissions into consideration, so users might see different items on their dashboard following what they are able to see within Jobber.  

  • Scheduled items overdue: These are items that were scheduled, but their scheduled time came and went and it was not marked complete. These items could be assessments, visits, or tasks. Clicking this recommended action will take you to the list view of the calendar. 
  • Unassigned scheduled items: These are scheduled items that don't have a team member assigned to them yet. The app only shows items that are assigned to a user, so unassigned items won't appear on the app. Clicking this recommended action will take you to the grid view of the calendar. This calendar view is ideal for dispatching work. 
  • Requests ready for review: These are pending requests that have not been converted to a quote or job, or had an assessment scheduled. When you click this recommended action you will be taken to the requests page where you can see the pending requests. 
  • Quotes with changes requested: Clients can request changes on their quotes via the client hub. This recommended action indicates that you have quotes with changes requested. Clicking here will take you to the quotes page, with the filters on for "changes requested". 
  • Approved quotes to convert to jobs: These are quotes that are in "approved" status. Quotes can be approved by the client through the client hub or internally by team member. Clicking this recommended action will take you to the quotes page, with the filter for "approved" turned on.
  • Jobs ending within 30 days: This shows jobs that have an end date that is coming up within the next 30 days. For recurring jobs that last over several months, this recommended action is useful so that the job doesn't fall off your calendar without notice. You can also use this recommended action as a way to revisit the terms, prices, etc of this job before it is renewed or extended. Clicking on this recommended action will take you to the jobs list filtered by "jobs- ended within 30 days".
  • Jobs requiring invoicing: To see this recommended action, you need to have 5+ jobs in "Requires Invoicing" status. Jobs in this status have an overdue invoice reminder that is prompting you to create an invoice.  Clicking this recommended action will take you to the jobs list filtered by "requires invoicing".
  • Draft invoices to send: To see this recommended action you will need to have 5+ invoices draft status. These are invoices that have not been emailed/texted to the client or marked as sent. Clicking this recommended action will bring you to the invoices page, filtered by "draft".




The assignments card can be used to see at-a-glance which team members are assigned to which items. We show the current date's scheduled items as well as unassigned items for the user who is logged in.  Admin users will see any unassigned items that are scheduled for today or are unscheduled.

Note: This card shows a maximum of 100 assignments. 


Outstanding balances


This section of the dashboard shows what is reflected on the client's billing history box. These balances reflect the invoices, payments, and deposits for this client.

Clicking View Report will take you to the client balance summary report where you can see your full client list and each client's outstanding balance. 


Past due invoices


The past due invoices section shows the invoices that haven't been paid yet, but their due date has passed. Invoices that have been outstanding the longest show first in this list. This section will also show invoices in italics that are sent but not yet due. These are invoices that are in "awaiting payment" status, but their due date is still in the future. 

Clicking Show More Invoices will take you to the invoices page.


Upcoming jobs


This card shows jobs that are coming up. There are three sections at the top that show jobs that occur on the "next 7 days", "8-14 days", and "unscheduled". Hovering over each of these sections will show the dates that these sections cover. The dollar value that shows here is based on the value of the job, however another way to get a picture of upcoming revenue is to check out the Work Overview


Today's hours


Today's hours show the time that has been logged today. Users with permissions to see other people's timesheets will see all users here, but users with more limited permissions will just see their own. The person currently logged in will see their hours for the day under the heading "my hours". They an also chose to start a timer from this section. 

If you click on any of the time entries in this section, you will be taken to the time sheets section where these times can be viewed and edited. 

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