Creating a Recurring Job


Recurring jobs are used for:

  • Jobs that have multiple visits. Eg. You visit the client every Tuesday
  • Jobs where you invoice your client periodically Eg. Once per month or after each visit.

You can make a job from many places in Jobber, including the calendar, from a client’s profile, or from the Dashboard. You can also make a job from a quote. In each area, click the More Actions button in the top right, then click Job. You will then be brought to the job creation screen.


Select Client

To select the client, who the job is for, click the '+' button beside Client Name.


You can then choose an existing client or create a new one.


Job title, instructions, and job number

You can enter a short job title at the top of the job edit page. This will show up as the title of the job in the calendar and on the app. The job title will not show to the client and is often used as a description of the job that you will be doing.

The instructions field is where you an add directions for your team for this job. This is also an internal field and the instructions will appear on each visit. Instructions on a particular visit can be edited from the visit on the calendar which will change the instructions for that visit only.

You can also change the job number. Job numbers count up from the highest job number currently in your account. If your current highest job number is #123, the next job you make will default to #124.



  • To set the schedule for the job, select a Start Date for the job. This is the day the contract begins.
  • Select the duration. This is how long the entire job lasts for. For example if you visit the client every 2 weeks for a contract of 1 year, then the duration would be 1 year. The maximum duration is 10 years.
    • Note: We recommend setting your duration to one year for optimal visit generation. Don't worry! We'll notify you on your Dashboard 30 days before the job ends. That way you can contact your client to sell them more services, review your pricing, and extend the contract.
  • Select start and end times. If no time is selected the visit will be made as an Anytime Visit on the calendar.
  • Select the Visit Frequency. This is how often you make visits on this job.
    • You can select to visit the client weekly, biweekly, monthly, or to set a custom schedule.
    • The Custom Schedule gives you flexibility to schedule weekly, monthly, or annually. You can also select multiple days. Eg. You could use the custom schedule to schedule weekly visits on Mondays and Wednesday. Or you could use it to set monthly visits on the 1st and 3rd Fridays of the month.
    • The “As Needed We Won’t Prompt You” option is for if you don’t want to schedule visits on this job right now. If you select this Jobber will make no visits, and the visits can be made later.



  • Assign your team to the visits. If no users are selected, the visits will be unassigned and can be assigned later.



Invoicing options:


  • To invoice the client based on the number of visits, select Visit-Based Billing. For example, this would be used if you charge the client $50 per visit.
  • To invoice the client a set price per invoicing period, select Fixed-Price Billing. The invoicing period is determined by what you set the invoicing schedule as (Eg. Monthly, biweekly, etc.). For example, this would be used if you charge the client $150 per month, no matter how many times you visit them.


Invoicing schedule

Use this to set how often you’d like to invoice for the job. Based on this schedule, Jobber will make invoice reminders to remind you to invoice.

  • As needed- We Won't Prompt You: Jobber will never ask you to invoice for this job. This is used if you are not invoicing for this job, or if you are invoicing for it in another system.
  • After each visit: After a visit is marked complete, an invoice reminder will be created for the job, and Jobber will prompt you to invoice.
  • One the contract is completed: When the entire job is closed, an invoice reminder will be created for the job, and Jobber will prompt you to invoice.
  • Monthly on the last day of the month: On the last day of the month, an invoice reminder will be created for the job, and this job will go into Requires Invoicing Status.
  • Custom schedule: You can select a custom schedule for when the invoice reminders will be generated. Eg. I want to be reminded to invoice for this job on the 14th and the 28th of each month.


Automatic Payments 


On select plans, recurring jobs will allow you to set up automatic payments using Jobber Payments since recurring jobs typically will have recurring payments. To enable automatic payments, toggle the automatic payment switch to ON, however the client will need to have a stored card on file to use automatic payments. Invoices will be created automatically based on the invoicing schedule and the client's credit card will automatically be run.  

Job forms

Add your Job Forms for this Job here. If you have your forms set to automatically attach you will see them already checked off.


Line items

Add your line items for this Job here:



You can also add notes, photos, or attachments for your team to see in the Internal notes & attachments section. Clients cannot see these notes.


Lastly, click Save Job to make this Job.

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