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Using Assessments to Schedule and Convert Work Requests

Work Requests are available on our Connect and Unlimited plans

Once you have your Work Requests turned on and a request has been made online or by the client through Client Hub, you will be able to schedule that request as an Assessment on the calendar, or can convert that request directly into a Quote or Job to be able to begin work with this client.


Request Assessment Statuses and Actions

  • Pending - when a new request has been created online or through Client Hub
  • Unscheduled - when an assessment has been turned on, but not yet scheduled on the calendar
  • Upcoming/Today - future scheduled assessment
  • Past Due - an assessment that has not been marked complete from a previous day
  • Action Required - an assessment that has been marked as complete, but has not been archived or converted into a quote or a job
  • Archived - a request that has not been converted into a quote or job
  • Converted - a request or request assessment that has been completed and converted to a quote or job.


Scheduling an Assessment

Sometimes before a quote or job can be created there needs to be an assessment of the job site. By scheduling an assessment through a Work Request you will be able to add this to your calendar like a visit. To schedule, click into any of your Work Requests from the list, select Actions > Edit

To assign a Property address to the request, click onto 'Change' and select one of your client's properties, or create a new property. 

Assessment Instructions are details that you provide to your team about what work they need to do - this field is internal and is not shared with your client. It will appear on the assessment in the calendar and in the app for your users to see.


These request assessments will appear on your calendar as an indigo request.  To view these scheduled assessments, go to your calendar Filters and check the box beside 'Requests'.

When marked complete, you will be prompted to convert the request to a quote or job, leave as 'Action Required', or Archive it.

Push notifications in the Jobber app will work the same as with scheduled visits, if a new assessment is added to your schedule by another user, you will receive a same-day push notification informing you of your schedule change.


Converting a Request

When you select any of your Work Requests online or in the app, click Actions - you will see options for converting to a Quote or Job.


After you select Quote or Job, you will now see a "Work Request Reference" view on the right of your screen. This will include all relevant details that your client submitted with their request and can be used as reference as you build the quote or job. By choosing to convert or archive the request, the scheduled assessment will automatically show as completed. 


After the quote or job has been saved, the original Work Request will be marked as Converted and you will notice there is a reference to the quote and/or job on the work request.





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