Quote Basics

Quotes allow you to send clients estimates for the price of your services. If a client would like to go forward on the quote, you can Convert the Quote to a Job and schedule it.

Quote Statuses

There are 6 statuses a quote can be in:

  • Draft: This is a quote that has not been sent to your client yet, and is only visible to you. 
  • Awaiting response: This is a quote that has been sent to your client, and is awaiting approval or change request.

  • Changes Requested: This is a quote that a client is requesting changes to. 

  • Approved: This is a quote that has been approved and signed by your client.

  • Converted: A quote that has been converted into a Job.
Archived: A quote that has been archived in the system. These are only visible to you in Jobber, not to your clients in Client Hub. 

Learn more about Quote Approvals

Creating a Quote

You can create a new Quote from:

  • The Actions button on the Dashboard,
  • The Actions button on a Client Page,
  • + New Quote on the Work Overview page, or
  • + New Quote the Quotes page.

When you create a new quote, you'll need to select the client and property. You will then be brought to the Quote creation screen. Here you can fill out:


  • Description: What this Quote is for
  • Rate Opportunity: Use these to rate the likelihood of winning—or creating a Job from this Quote
  • Quote Number: This is the Quote ID number for this Quote—you can change this number if you want. By default, new Quotes will count upwards from the highest existing Quote number in Jobber
  • Tax Rate: You can manually set the tax rate for this Quote—this will only affect this Quote. Tax rates will be set by the default tax rate in Settings (Settings > General > Default Tax Rate)
  • Discount: Input a discount for this Client here. This will transfer to the Invoice that is created from the Job this Quote is converted to. Learn more about Discounts
  • Require Deposit: Apply a required deposit to be collected for this Quote here. This amount will be charged to the Client if you have Payment Integrations or Jobber Payments turned on. Learn more about Deposits on Quotes
  • Custom Fields: Any Custom Fields that you have for Quotes will show in the top right, underneath the Require Deposit field. Learn more about Custom Fields
  • Modify Client Visibility: Edit what your Client sees when you send them this Quote by marking or unmarking the options in this section:


  • Quantities: To limit or allow your Clients to see quantity details
  • Unit Costs: To limit or allow your Clients to see unit costs
  • Line Item totals: To limit or allow your Clients to see each line item’s total costs
  • Totals: To limit or allow your Clients to see the Quote’s Subtotal, Taxes, and Total amounts

Line Items and Totals in the Quote creation screen:


  • Line Items: Input your Line Items under SERVICE / PRODUCT. These will populate items from your Services and Products List
  • Client Message: Type extra information about this Quote for the Client or your records here.
  • Subtotal: Total of the line items before taxes
  • Tax: Total taxes charged on this Quote
  • Total: Grand total—Subtotal and Taxes added together


Finding Quotes

You can find quotes and information about them on:

  • The Work page
  • The Quotes page
  • On the Client (In the Client Overview box under the Quotes tab)


The Quotes Page shows all Quotes, and can be filtered and sorted at the top. You can also use the search box to find quotes. 


 Print or Download Blank Quote Sheets

If you want to print a blank quote from Jobber, go to Quotes on the left. On the right of this page you can either print or download a blank quote. It will have your company branding on it. 



Actions on Quotes

There are a number of actions that can be performed once a Quote has been created. These can be found in the Actions drop down in the top right corner of the Quote:



Under the actions drop down, you can select the following:

  • Edit:  To change information for this Quote
  • Convert to Job: To convert this Quote into a scheduled Job—this will change this Quote's status to Converted
  • Copy Quote to: This allows you to take this quote and copy it to another client and property
  • Mark as...
    • Email to Client: To send this invoice to your client. This will take change the quote status from Draft to Awaiting Response
    • Archived: This will change the quote status to Archived, in cases where a quote won't be converted
  • Download PDF: To generate a copy of what this PDF will look like when sent out to your client
  • Mark as Sent: Use this to mark a quote sent—this is useful when you’ve downloaded and printed off a copy of this Quote and given it to a Client


Copying Quotes

Under the Actions button, you can also Copy a quote. This allows you to copy a quote that you have already on one client to another. This is useful so that you don't have to retype the information. 


Archiving Quotes

If you have a quote in Jobber that doesn't end up getting converted to a job, you can archive it. This will change the quote's status from Sent to Archived. To do this, go to the quote and click Actions > Archive Quote.


The quote will be saved and kept on the client's profile and in the Archived section for quotes.  


Quotes Reporting

You can view reports on your quotes by going to  Management and selecting either the Quotes created or Quotes converted. In each report you can set the date range at the top, and add columns on the right. Learn more about Reports


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