Invoice Follow-ups

Automatically remind clients their invoice is due by email and/or text message, and give them an easy, one-click option to pay.

This feature is available on select plans. Learn more.

Are you still waiting on a payment from a client? You can send them an invoice follow-up to prompt them to pay their overdue invoice. Jobber will send out an automatic reminder to your client by email or text asking them to pay the outstanding balance.


This can be setup by going to the Gear Icon > Settings > Notifications. The invoice follow-up setting is located in the section for Getting Paid.


Note: Overdue invoice reminders will only work for new invoices after the feature is turned on.


You can edit both the invoice follow-up schedule and template in one place by clicking Edit. 


There is one schedule for invoice follow-ups. You can select whether you would like the follow-up to be sent the same day as the invoice's due date, or a number of days after the due date.

Invoice follow-ups will be sent in the same method as the original invoice at the scheduled time. That means if you originally texted your client the invoice, they will receive a text follow-up. The notification will be sent to all the recipients who were sent the original invoice as shown in the client communications report. 

You can change the default due date for new invoices in your work settings, or on each invoice individually. The overdue invoice follow-ups are a global setting- they apply to all invoices. 



The templates are where you can edit the follow-up message for both emails and texts. This message is sent along with a link to the Client Hub where they can view the invoice. If the follow-up is sent via email, there will will be a copy of the invoice PDF attached so that the client can also view the invoice right in their inbox. These templates can be customized with variables that populate relevant information, or you can add your own custom text to make it your own.

The invoice follow-up you client receives will look like this when sent by email:



And like this when sent by text:




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