Client Basics

Keep track of important client details whether you’re at the office, on the way to a job, or out in the field. 

In Jobber, clients are the building blocks for work. Requests, quotes, jobs, and invoices are all associated with clients.



Creating and Editing a Client


Click the Clients tab on the sidebar. This will take you to the client index page where you can view your client list. In the top right of this page, click the New Client button to create a new client. 


This will bring you to the client create page, where you can see both the client details and the property details. 


On the client create page, you can enter the following details:

  • Title: This is an optional field, you can select Mr., Mrs., Ms., Miss., or Dr., as a way to address this client. 
  • Contact Name: A first and last name for your customer
  • Company Name: An optional company name for your customer. Check the checkbox if you would like to use the company name as the primary name for this client. 
  • Billing address: An optional billing address that Quotes and Invoices will be addressed to instead of the Property address.
  • Phone: Multiple phone numbers of different types (main, work, home, mobile, fax, and other) can be added. You can turn the toggle switch to ON if you would like to send text messages to this number. If the client has requested to not receive text messages (by replying "Stop" to messages from Jobber), you will see a message letting you know that they have requested not to receive text messages. If the client wants to resume receiving texts, they can text "Start". 
  • Email: Multiple e-mail addresses of different types can be added
  • Automated notifications: When turned on, these toggle switches enable this client to receive notifications for assessment and visit reminders and job follow-ups.
  • Property Address: The service address for the first Property under this Client.
  • Additional client/property details: These are custom fields. If you would like to store more information, custom field will give you additional fields to fill out.


Note: It is not currently possible to merge two client profiles into one in Jobber. You will either need to manually move the data over into one profile and delete the duplicate, or keep both clients, but rename one of the clients that you don't primarily use to include "do not use" in the name of the client.


The Client Page


If you click on a client from the list, it will take you to the main page of information for the client. You’ll find the entire history of your work with this client here.


The client page is broken down into the following sections:

  • Properties: Service addresses for this client.
  • Client Overview: Quotes, jobs and invoices for this client. The Active work tab shows work that is currently open or active.
  • Visits/Basic Tasks/Reminders: All current and completed tasks for this client. These are ordered by date, with completed items on the bottom of the list.
  • Tags: Any tags you've added for this client. Learn more about Tags
  • Billing History Box: All invoices, payments and deposits for this client. Learn more about the Billing History Box.
  • Notes & Attachments: Add internal notes to a client to keep track of client’s preferences and other information.
  • Client Communications: See a list of the emails and text messages that you have sent this client.


Client and Property Index Pages

Under Clients from the sidebar, there are 2 subsections:

  • People: This is a list of your clients, sorted by first or company name as a default.
  • Properties: This is a list of your service properties, sorted alphabetically by owner or company name as a default.



The client index page shows your full client list. You can search clients or properties pages by using the search bar in the top left. 



To reorder information in the clients or properties pages, use the Sort drop down on the right side.

You can sort clients by first or last name, or by those that have recent activity.

You can sort properties alphabetically by owner, street, city, country, province/state, or postal/ZIP code.

Tags can also be useful for sorting your clients—select one or multiple tags to filter the list to clients or properties that have those tags. Learn more about Tags.


Lead labels 


Lead labels are available on select plans

With a lead label showing in your client list and on the client profile, you can track and manage your clients and leads. This way you can tell at a glance who is an existing client and who is a prospective client allowing you to prioritize your time and resources. 

In order to track which people have had work done, the label for "lead" will appear until one of these actions are taken:

  • A job is created for them

  • An invoice is sent to them

  • Their quote is approved

These actions represent the jump from a lead or prospective client to a client. Once one of these actions have happened, the "lead" label will be removed from the client's profile. 


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