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In the Jobber App, you can start and stop timers during your day. There are two types of timers—general timers and visit timers. General timers are not tied to a job and are good for tracking time between visits, breaks, or unscheduled time. Visit timers are tied to the specific job the visit is for.


Start a General Timer

To start a general timer, click Time Sheet > Clock In. A general timer will start running.

If you start a visit timer and a general timer is running, the general timer will automatically stop. This is so two timers are not running at once. When the visit timer is stopped, the general timer will automatically start again. This is to track the time between visits automatically.



To stop a general timer, click Clock Out.


Start a Visit Timer

To start a visit timer go to Schedule > click on the visit > click 'Start Timer'. Starting a visit timer will automatically stop the general timer, if you have one running. 



Stop a Visit Timer

Once a visit is done, you can click 'Stop Timer'. You can then mark the visit complete. The general timer will start running again if you had one running before starting the visit timer. 



After the visit is marked as complete, starting a timer for the completed visit is disabled. You would need to mark the visit incomplete in order to start the timer again.

Editing Time Sheets 

To edit a time sheet, go to Time Sheets and click on the entry you'd like to change. You can change the time, duration, and add notes.

Only users who have permissions to 'View/Record/Edit Their Own' or 'View/Record/Edit Everyone's' can edit time sheets.


Learn more about Time Sheets in Jobber.



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