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Quote Follow-ups

Win more work, faster by sending automatic email and/or text message follow ups to clients about quotes you haven't heard back on.

This feature is available on select plans. Learn more

Quote Follow-ups will allow you to touch base with clients when they haven't responded back to a quote you've sent them. This feature will automatically send an email or text message to remind the client about the quote that is still in awaiting response status. You can spend less time chasing after your clients, Jobber will do that for you! 

The settings for Quote Follow-ups are found by going to the Gear Icon > Settings > Client Reminders. This is where you can this turn this feature off/on, choose when the reminder is sent out, and at what time of day. 


The Quote Follow-ups will automatically be sent in the same method as the original quote, that means if your quote is sent via text the reminder will be sent via text as well.


Quote Follow-up Templates

If you expand the section for quote follow-up reminder (located right below the Quote Follow-up settings), you can view and edit the messages that go out with the Quote follow-up. There are templates for both emails and text messages that allow you to use variables to customize the message. 



The way you setup the template will be what your client receives along with a link to the Client Hub where they can access the quote. 


Quote Reminders

There is another feature found by going to the Gear Icon > Work Settings for Quote Reminders. This feature will put a reminder to follow up with the client on your calendar, but does not automatically send out a message to your client. This feature might be a good option if you'd prefer to follow-up via phone call or in another way.


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