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Navigating Jobber

You've done it! You've created a Jobber account, but now that you're here how do you navigate around?

Top navigation


You will find the global actions in the top right of your Jobber account. Clicking each of these icons will show more options. 

  • QuickBooks: If your Jobber account is integrated with QuickBooks Online, you will see an QuickBooks icon. Clicking the icon will show a drop down. Clicking Sync & Settings will take you to Settings > Connected Apps > QuickBooks. Clicking Go to QuickBooks Online will open QuickBooks in another tab in your browser.


  • Global search: Clicking the magnifying glass will open up a search bar. This search bar can be used to search information like clients, properties, work items, and custom fields.




  • Question mark: The question mark icon will open links that will take you to our help center (you're in the help center right now!), to our instructional videos, and our terms of service.


  • Gear icon: The gear icon is where you can find your Settings, Account & Billing, Manage Team (where you can edit users), App Marketplace (view integrations), Jobber Labs (where we test experimental features), Refer a Friend, Product Updates (where we post updates about new features), and Log Out. When you see a red dot on the gear icon, it means that one of these items has been updated. Most often it's a new product update. 



Side navigation 


The side navigation tool allows you to quickly jump to various places in Jobber. You can minimize it from the arrow in the bottom left corner. Minimizing the side navigation will only show the icons rather than the icon and the name. 

  • Dashboard: Much like the dashboard on your car, Jobber's dashboard gives you an overview of everything going on under the hood. This is where you can see recommended actions, assignments, as well as outstanding and upcoming actions. 
  • Calendar: There are five calendar views: month, week, grid, map, and list. These calendar views show your upcoming schedule.
  • Clients: View an index of people and properties
  • Work: View an overview, requests, quotes, jobs, and invoices, and chemicals.   
  • Reports: This page contains over 20 reports in 3 categories: financial reports, work reports, and client reports. 
  • Time Sheet: This is where time sheets can be viewed and edited, approved, and payroll confirmed.
  • Refer a Friend: Check out information about our referral program


More actions

The more actions button appears in many different places in Jobber and displays the actions that are possible from that item. That means the actions are different in most menus because different actions can be taken in different places. 




While the More Actions button displays the list of possible actions, to the right of the More Actions button are primary and secondary actions. These are the actions that might be more commonly taken on this item.



Live chat


You can launch a live chat with our Success Team by clicking the speech bubbles in the bottom left corner of your page.

This will open a chat window in the bottom right of your page where you can get live support. You will get connected with a real person right away who can answer any questions you might have! 

If you have a new question for us, go ahead and click New Conversation to start chatting in with our team.


If you've chatted with us a few times, you can review your past chat history and download the transcript if you want it for reference. To start a new chat, click New Conversation. To review a past chat, click on the message thread and it will open. To download the transcript, click on the Success Team member's name at the top of your screen, this will expand some options for you. Click the down arrow to download the transcript.


You can also see if the person chatting with you is active or away. If they are away and you are chatting in during our business hours, you will get a faster reply by starting a new chat so an active agent can help you.



Client name

On a request, quote, job or invoice you can click the client's name at the top of the page to take you to the client's profile. 




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